Wilderness Survival Camp : Building Bushcraft Shelter with Hand Tools – Vegetable Garden

Wilderness Survival Camp : Together with our wives, we decided to get back for another bushcraft weekend of work on the permanent shelter. We continued building the lateral parts of the shelter and made plans for the coming outings to go ahead with the roof.
With the Orthodox Easter close by while we went ahead with the buildings the girls dyed eggs – which is an Easter tradition in Romania, and cooked.
The second day of our stay it rained but before leaving we decided to start up a little cook’s garden so we planted some carrots, onions, basil, dill and, parsley. Our small garden will by summer provide us with delicious spices for our meals out there in nature.

We continued building the long term shelter in the woods this time with the help of our wives.

As with any other form of construction, permanent log shelters became popular because of the availability of necessary materials. Once upon a time, vast forestlands once covered this land. This provided an abundant supply of building material for those who chose to build in this way.

Properly made, a permanent log shelter is strong, well able to withstand winter storms. Even so, the walls don’t do a great job of providing insulation. In fact, it was not uncommon for the walls to have ice on the inside, even while the fire was roaring in the fireplace. But then, those early fireplaces weren’t all that efficient.

Were you or I to be faced with a survival situation, where we needed to create an alternate home in the wilderness, a log cabin would be a good alternative. While they are hard to build, they would provide a secure and durable home for your family. Just make sure you have the right tools to work with, as having the right tools will make your job easier and your log cabin turn out better.

A permanent shelter is a small log cabin built that has been built quickly using only what the land provides. With this five-step guide, you should effectively be able to build this cabin if you were in the wild, with a friend, and the only tools you had were your axes. It’s exactly that, the best house and shelter you can build without needing any large tools. It is a solid and dependable home that uses logs as a way to keep a strong foundation and shelter, and double as a way to keep the place insulated against the cold. A permanent log shelter is not going to get blown away, and if made correctly, will stand and remain standing for quite some time.

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The video frames showing the bushcraft camp are shoot using only hand tools.

Gear used in the video:
1. Sweater = unknown.
2. Pot and kettle = Tatonka Stainless Steel H2O Pot 1.0 Litre Teapot, petromax 24 cm pan
3. Pants = Solognac
4. Axe = Hultafors Carpenter, Urnieta hatchet, Carl Helsper axe
6. Boots = Haix military surplus
7. Shelter = log shelter
8. Backpack = Wisport Reindeer
9. Knife = wood work – mora robust with wood handle, for cooking opinel inox, for carving Narex chisel
10. Saw – Hand crafted saw.
11. Sleeping system – Carinthia defence 4 military sleeping bag
12. Oil/gas lamp Feuerhand


Video gear: Canon 200d, Rode micro, film edited in DaVinci Resolve

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