WORST Self Defense GURU or GENIUS?.. D.U.S.T Broke the Internet!!!

Is Detroit Urban Survival Training the WORLD’S GREATEST MEME? This week we look at how Dale Brown has broken the internet with MEMES, complaints, and protests. Should he be taken seriously and does he do anything positive for the self defense community? Tell us what you think. Leave your comment below.

Shoutout to @hard2hurt who we referenced in the take away. Checkout Mike’s reaction: Your hands were NOT made to hold anything very well | Detroit Urban Survival Training DUST Reaction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LF5z5yiWjU

#selfdefense #martialarts – Self Defense Guy… FAKE or GENIUS?!! [Detroit Urban Survival Training]
WORST SELF DEFENSE or GENIUS?.. D.U.S.T Broke the Internet!!!

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